5m Roll of Bright White 3528 LED Lights (60/m)

5m Roll of Bright White 3528 LED Lights (60/m)
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This 5 meter roll has a total of 300 white 3528 LEDs and connects to the Nova I with ease. The backside of the roll has high quality adhesive, allowing you to stick the LED strip to any smooth surface. If the surface is slightly rough, (walls, wood, metals, etc.) we recommend using some see-through tape to secure the beginning and end of the strip to ensure an optimum hold. This LED strip consumes approximately 1 amperes of power at 12 volts, meaning you can safetly connect up to two of them with the Nova I. Two of these rolls combine to a total footage of around 30 feet!

All LED lights sold by ThinkTek are tested to ensure full compataiblity with the Nova I.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Amperage: 1 Ampere
  • Wattage: 12 watts
  • Length: 5 meters (16.4 feet)
  • LED type: 3528
  • Amount of LEDs: 300 per 5 meters
  • Color: White
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