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Nova I
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The world’s first LED light show that syncs perfectly to your music. 

The Nova I was designed from the ground up to be the absolute ultimate LED light show device on the market. While other LED light show devices simply pulse and flash lights, the Nova I is only device on the market that syncs its light show to your music. All you need is an audio source with a headphone jack such as a phone or computer, a speaker or stereo with aux input or right/left audio input, some LED strips, and you’re ready to go. Your music travels from your phone, through the Nova I where it is analyzed by the internal circuitry, and then passed onto your speakers where it is played through the room. The music will pass through the Nova I regardless of whether or not it is turned on, so there’s no need to disconnect it should you wish to play your music without the light show. For DJs and other advanced setups, the Nova I has the ability to run without directly passing audio to speakers, meaning the Nova I still works without connecting to an audio output; all it requires is some sort of audio input to work. In addition, the fully adjustable knob on the front of the Nova I allows you to tune the brightness of the LED strips from a dull glow to a room-filling brilliance. The Nova I can power up to 60 feet of standard 3528 60 LED/meter strips which are sold in our store.

Simple design, even simpler set up.

The Nova I is truly plug and play. There is no software, programming, or complicated set up involved. The most general setup is as follows: Connect the Nova I to any audio source such as a phone or computer with the supplied standard aux cable. Connect the Nova I to any stereo/speaker that has an aux connection with the supplied aux cable. Connect the Nova I to a maximum of 24 watts worth of 12 volt LED strips. Connect the Nova I to the supplied power supply. Turn it on, adjust the brightness knob, and you're ready to go! In order for the Nova I to work properly, you must turn the volume from your audio source to max volume. For example, if you are playing music from your phone on a stereo, keep your phone on max volume and make any volume adjustments from the stereo.

Extremely modifiable and tinker-friendly.

We take pride in making the Nova I easy for the average consumer to install while still being extremely modifiable and tinker-friendly. In addition to using our own supplied LED light strips, the standard wire connectors on the rear of the Nova I allow users to connect their own custom LED light strip setups as long as the LEDs run at 12 volts DC and consume a combined amperage of less than 2 amperes (24 watts). In addition, the enclosure of the Nova I is held together by standard Phillips screws and hex nuts. This provides more advanced users to easily disassemble the Nova I and tinker with the internals. We even added an additional solder-able LED connection to the internal circuit board to allow users to solder small LED strips to the inside of the semi-transparent Nova I’s case, making it glow with every base kick and snare hit. To take ThinkTek's tinker-friendly philosophy even further, we also offer users to purchase the raw circuit without enclosure or peripherals at a reduced price for custom designs.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Audio Source Compatibility: Any phone, MP3 player, computer, etc. with a headphone jack
  • Stereo/Speaker Compatibility: Any stereo, speaker, radio, etc. with auxiliary input or right/left audio input
  • Audio Ports: Two 3.5mm female ports
  • Max LED Power: 24 watts total
  • Included Power Supply: 12 volts DC at 3 amperes (36 watts total)
  • LED Connections: Standard red/black spring loaded connections


Notice: The Nova I has limited capabilties with certain Android phones. If you have an Android phone, we recommend using only music stored on your phone (no Spotify, Pandora, etc.) and using your phones built in equalizer to boost the audio output level. This solves most problems encountered with Android phones.

The Nova I has limited capabilities with Pandora and Youtube due to their output volumes being much lower than other standard music players. 

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